Kitty - 6 year old Boston, Coco - 4 year old Pug

AKA - Kit Kat, Kitty Monster, Scaredy Kitty, Kitty Girl, Kitty Boo, Missy Moo Moo, Lean and Mean. Co Pouf, Curious Coco, Black Velvet, Stinky Butt, Little Missy , Crazy Co, Chunker Pug, Co-Mo-Jo.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Stylish? OH Heck Yes..

You think it doesn't take style to rock a Snuggie? Let me tell you, it does.

Two of our peeps gave us this award. Wilma is the Queen of fashion. She even shuns polyester. Lulu and Wally are not so hot on clothes, but their blog is the bomb. Thanks guys!!!!
We even demand style in our house. Must have nice places to rest our rumps.
Speaking of rumps...

Whoops! Mom forgot to list 7 things about us you may not know..Sorry. Here goes:

Kitty really can't see in the dark. Guess the whole eyes on the side of your head thing doesn't work out so well. If the lights are turned out and she is on the couch, the parentals have to pick her up and carry her to the bed.

Coco is Mrs. Sunshine until the swiffer comes out. The vaccum doesn't phase her, but the swiffer stikes fear into her little puggy heart. It fell on her once, so that explains it.

Kitty is like a sleek gazelle. Coco is more like a tank/sausage tube.

Kitty tries to swallow things whole. Coco has to sniff it first, roll it around in her mouth and take little nibbles.

Kitty doesn't spill a drop of water when she is getting a drink. When Coco is done, it looks as if we have been to see Shamu at Sea World.

Coco has just learned how to bark and is Ms. Grufflestumps until daddy gets home.
Kitty is a momma's girl and tries to crawl up into my hair if a stranger approaches. You have to give her time to get to know you.

Coco is a circular poo-er. She goes a little, circles around so she can smell it while finishing her business. More than you wanted to know I'm sure.

One more just for fun: At our house there is an ever present contest on who can pee on poo. The first one to pee on the other's poo or fresh pee is the winner.

We know many of you have gotten this award, so we are only going to name five who we really dig. You guys know how to rock a blog.

1. The Girls (Tuni and Sequoia)
2. A Minnie Minute (Minnie and Lincoln)
3. Salinger (Oy vey, His blog title is too long to type)
4. Too Cute Pugs( Pearl and Daisy)
5. Southern Fried Pugs (Petunia, Isabelle and Tallulah)

We also want to honor a great style icon who recently went over the rainbow bridge, Emmitt. You wore a sweater like no other.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Valentine's Presents from Oak and Swish!

Oh Oakley.........You are the Boston of my dreams....(Mom walks in: KITTY MITCHELL!, YOU BETTER BEHAVE YOURSELF MISSY!). It is just daydreaming mom, chillax a little.
We had a Valentine's Date contest and Oakley won (along with his bro Swisher for Coco).
Check out the pawsome gifts they sent us! Holy pug that is a ton of good stuff.
This is THE same toy Oakley posed with. How thoughtful.
I can totally smell him on it. Even better!!
Coco's gift literally had her name on it. She enjoyed the heart paper as much as the toy.
Dat guy squeaked at me...grrrrrffffff....We just loved him to pieces.

Oakley, do you like my fashion statement? This toy makes a great hairbow. I wanted to look pretty fur you.
And best of all..A signed card from our guys. Collective AWWWW. Engrossing, I tell ya.

Thank you so much for our sweet gifts. You were so thoughtful with your selections. Mom is saving our carob bar for this weekend. Couldn't have asked for better dates.

Smooches and Snorties,
Kitty and Coco

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun Trip to the New Pet Store.. Shish Kabob?

NOM NOM NOM. Shish Kabobs are the bomb.
Um...Not sure if you can tell, but this is a cow's nose. EWWWW. Just weird. I turned my nose up (pun intended).
Doo do doo do doooo...What can I con mom into buying me today...
Check out the bakery. I'll take a dozen dipped molasses cookies please.
The store owner totally gave us some free! Paws up to you Mr. Nice Owner Guy.
This lavender scent is really working for me. I like the added notes of jasmine.

Hoof anyone?
Add this to the cart. I hope there is not a policy of if you slobber on it you buy it.
Chauffeur, we are ready to go home now. You can carry our bags in too. Thanks.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Birthday Pawty. Mmm....CAKE!

Cupcake shirt - Check. My grandpawrents - Check. Cake - Check. Time to get this pawty started.
Kitty was the first victim of the party hat. Nana thinks it is just hilarious. Oh the shame.
Time to sing Happy Birthday! I ALMOST was able to snort out the candle, but mom had to help me.
Mmmmmm...deliciousness. Mom made me a cake. Her used whole wheat, carob powder, honey, peanut butter and vanilla, with a cream cheese icing topped with dipped biscuits.

Um, am I really allowed to take a bite? Dis smells like people food. Perhaps a more ladylike bite would be in order.
NOM NOM NOM NOM....I promise I can swallow it whole, mom!
Think I'll have me a little icing. OH yeah, that's the stuff. I ended up taking a liking to the icing, and was allowed to lick half of the icing off of the cake. It was my birthday after all.
Digging in.
(HACK). I told you not to be such a pig piggy Kitty.

Dear Lord, I look to you in heaven to please make them take this ridiculous hat off. Thanks.
Whew! I'm worn slap out. This party has officially been pooped.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coco the Birthday Girl!!! My baby is Two!

Mom here: Monday was my baby girl's birthday. Yes, she really was born on Valentine's Day two years ago. Coco is the funniest little velcro pug that loves her sister better than anyone. Take a look back at my favorite pic of her these past two years...
Why is this lady holding me up in the air? Maybe I should bitey her hand..
Can't stop at just one..They are like potato chips. Mom had to dig them out of my mouth for the longest time. Now I can sneak one without her suspecting.
Me and my big sis. I was a tiny little bugger.
I used to snore so bad that mom and dad had to wear ear plugs. Guess I had to grow into my nose and I even have somewhat of a snout now! Still snorty, but not the suck-in-the-curtains kind.
Ok, so I am still a little mischievous. Call me Curious Coco. This is when I "tested" mom's freshly painted canvas to see if it was dry. Pink is really my color.
I, um, like a little poo-poo a-la-mode at times, which earns me a tooth brushing. UGH.

The famous party hat. I've already been warned that I will be wearing one tomorrow night for my party.

Mom back again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUGGER PUG PUGSY! I'm so glad you trust me enough to give me sugars and let me kiss your ears. You are worth every remote control, cell phone, wood trim, coffee table corner, gold hoop earring, flip flop, alarm clock and tv tray that you have chewed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day - **Smooches to Oakley**

Align CenterWhere did these carob faux-chocolates come from?? Check out our last post to find out.
Oakley, I got all prettied up fur you. Hope you like this stupid head band thing mom is making me wear.
MOM, it is pinching my forehead wrinkles! In 2.2 seconds I am shaking it off, so you had better get your pic.

Hope everyone has had a nice Valentine's Day. Time to rip our stuffie roses to shreds!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Date Winner!!!!!

Sooooo sorry to have delayed in announcing the winner, but I simply got in so late I had to catch up on my beauty rest. I sort of broke curfew, and am in trouble with mom, but it was worth it! Ladies, I was swept off of my feet...Sigh...

Every boy that entered came up with such great date ideas, that I simply had to give them all a chance. I started the day with Wally.

He knows that I LOVE puppachinos, so he suggested we head over to Starbucks. He recited the poem he wrote me and we were having a great time. Maybe it was a little too early in the morning, because the snooty barista got his order wrong, and he wasn't happy. He was all: I said No Foam, Non-Fat, Triple shot with an extra squirt of vanilla latte, and I paid an arm and a leg for it! Have to say I agree with him there. The date just couldn't recover after that. Nice, handsome fellow though and I appreciated his sensitive soul.
Next up was a shopping date with the refined Henry (the cat). We headed to Tiffany's for the good stuff. We browsed the finest furs, and he suprised me with a blue box. We all know what that means ladies. I open it and it was a LARGE size collar! Oh snap. Men just don't know about these things. I kind of growled at him, and then had to apologize for my ghastly behavior. S0 sorry Henry. You are a very generous and cultured feline.
Then onto lunch with Benny. Boy, is he a looker. We went to a fancy restaurant with the bestest kibble I have ever tasted. Then in walks a former flame. She was dressed to kill, and Benny couldn't help but whistle. He is a ladies man, you know. Maybe his heart belongs with her, but he still payed for our lunch so no hard feelings. If it is ok with you Benny, you will continue on as my man candy crush.
Couldn't finish my lunch with Benny, so I met Hank over at the Golden Corral. Hanklin is one sexy older fellow. He was really stirring up a case of the flutters. As we were hitting up the buffet, Hank insisted that he needed to eat his fiber cookies before we sat down.
He took me over to the American Legion for some daincin' and drinkin'. We brought the PBR with us just in case they were running low. Guess I had a little too much because before I knew it, I was doing the worm! Hank was singing "Boot Scootin Boogy".
Though I will always carry a flame for Hank, the old fellow was too much for me to handle! He brought out the party girl in me, and I decided the party couldn't last forever. Can we still be friends?

Had to sleep it off, but the next morning we had a double date at the beach with Oakley and Swisher. OH did we have fun!!! Oakley and I played tug with his nylabone, while Coco and Swish played with a beach ball. I ended up stealing his bone, but he stole my heart...

He took me to the aquarium to see the sea-life creatures up close. We have so much in common, not to mention our pug siblings and boston terrorness. Don't worry mom, he was such a gentleman. Twilight! This is a smart guy. We got all dressed up in our finest. Our paws met in the popcorn bucket, and....
You had me at Twilight.
Oakley, I would love for you to be my official Valentine. Thank you for the most pawsome date ever! Let's snuggle in sock monkey bed.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how my dates went, and thanks to all of the participants.