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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bring On The Gifts!..Ball Hog Strikes Again

 The nerve!! Kitty is sitting there hogging MY pink ball that MY boyfuriend got me for MY birthday.
 My pin says PRINCESS, which means I get to chew the toy of my choice. I'm telling Mom!!!!!!
 Our loot from Oakley and Swisher. Some nice grooming products so we can smell like fruity muffins, treats, stuffies and handmade Valentines. ***swoon***
 So pretty..Nice job.
 Look at that devious Bostie face...She knows that ball was meant for us to SHARE.
 Don't let the sweet Pug face fool is on like Donkey Kong.
 Kitty: She's behind me isn't she? Go ahead Coco...Make My Day!
We have some great boyfuriends! Their Momma raised them right.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pawty 'Cause It's My Birthday!

 Coco here. My birthday was actually on Valentines Day, but we waited until this past weekend for my big pawty.
 Pug Princess is here! Um know I hate this dumb hat.
 Really??? Kitty doesn't have to wear one?
 McCheesyburger happy meal (plain and halved of course) with doggy frozen yogurts and apple slices for dessert. My favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Are you sure this is for me?? ----bugging eyes----
 Kitty: MOM...Coco got more than me and it is NOT fair.
Mom: No she didn't it was halved exactly. Don't be a whiney butt on your sister's big day.
 Kitty: Fine! I'll just eat my yogurts first so PFTtt.
Coco: Dear Gawd this is awesome!
And finally a video for those of you who enjoy seeing it live in action. MMmmmmmmmm. Ma tongue is frozen!

Coco the Birthday Pug

Next Post: Presents from our boyfuriends Oakley and Swisher

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day 2013

Just wanted to wish all of your bloggers and our special boys Oakley and Swisher a very Happy Valentines Day. Smooches!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bostie Burrito and Snuggle Pug

Just one of those days folks... Zzzzzzz.
Mom is practicing her swaddling skills on me for furless brother. It seems she is lacking.