Kitty - 6 year old Boston, Coco - 4 year old Pug

AKA - Kit Kat, Kitty Monster, Scaredy Kitty, Kitty Girl, Kitty Boo, Missy Moo Moo, Lean and Mean. Co Pouf, Curious Coco, Black Velvet, Stinky Butt, Little Missy , Crazy Co, Chunker Pug, Co-Mo-Jo.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Wrap Up

Mom here: I think I should get some type of award for getting all four dogs to look at the camera at the same time. Seriously. Kitty looks like she is in pain, but still. More on Kitty and Coco's cousins tomorrow. This is the girls' grandpawrents Nana and Pops (Sir spoils-a-lot).
Coco not looking..She and Kitty are playing paper, paw, scissors to see who can pee on the green carpet and get away with it. Honestly, can you blame them? It is green colored carpet after all.
And Kitty not looking. You are really not helping the family pic here.

Hey girls, want a drumstick? I thought Kitty was the one with bug eyes, but I was wrong.

Did you say DRUMSTICKS? Practically 14k gold by dog standards. Thanks to our grandpawrents for these little gems.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Loot

Even though I have evil glow eyes, and my stocking clearly says Naughty, I am an angel pug who has been wrongly accused I tell you!Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......We hit the mother load this year. We love the Zuke's brand. They are expensive, but high quality ingredients and SUPER tasty. Plus, a nylabone dinosaur with a million little ribs to clean our teefs.
But best of all...the CURLY BULLY STICK! Hands down the favorite at our house. Mom says it is made of something that is not pleasant, but who the heck cares?

Nom nom nom nom. Coco gets fierce over her flossie.
Dad laughed at me because I am a lady, and wouldn't dig into my stocking. In fact, I looked at him like he was out his mind. Why would I ruff up my nose when you could just do it for me? Humans. Hmpf. Now, if you don't mind, hurry up and lay out everything in a neat row for me. Thanks.

How did your Christmas turn out? Did Santa Paws leave you some good stuff?
Kitty and Coco

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You've Gotta Be Kidding Me

What?? You want us to go outside?
You are kidding yourself if you think we will go out in this.
Uh-oh. Mom says we had better be good and go out or Santa Claws won't come and we will have to wear antler ears like this poor car she saw at work!

Maybe I should send in one last letter and ask him for my own steak nylabone? Coco is totally hogging this one.
I gots the steak envy. Hope this doesn't count against me.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I don't like to pee in this coat..

Did you hear me Mom? I know I stand outside and shiver the whole time, but I am just not down with the coat. I'm afraid I might get it dirty.
I am fine with the coat, but the fur is irresistible to rip off. FYI.
Pretty pretty rhinestone buttons.
I do this funny dance when I have to wear this thing, sort of a high-step kind of thing.
I guess we all suffer for fashion, right ladies?

Kitty (and Coco)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday..Santa Hat Embarrassment

This hat ate my ears. And there is some sort of weird laser coming out of my nose.
IT-IS-PULLING-MY-FACE-BACK.... Great alternative to Botox.
These straps are way too tight! It is squeezing my goozle.
I refuse to look at the camera for one more instant. Nope. Take a look at the embarrassment on Kitty's face. Ridiculous.
Dear Santa..I would love to be able to look in the same direction with BOTH of my eyes for Christmas. Thanks.
Hooty-friggin-hoo. Merry Christmas. This is absolutely the best pic you are getting mom!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Mom Came Home With a Candy Cane..

What is that you have there?
Think I will just take a little nip off the top..
You broke it you brute! What a hog.
Coco nearly had a heart attack. Geese.
Yummmmmmmmm......striped goodness.

We didn't actually get to eat it, but those few licks were heavenly. Mom said it was a welcome change for our breath. Whatevs. Kibble breath is the best!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Play Time with Kitty and Coco

Got an early Christmas present!! Nom nom nom.. Steak Nylabone.

Mom ordered us some pawsome gifts from the Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue site.
Nyla-wishbone! Back away from the wishbone Coco. offense, but you smell rotten Kitty.
Hey Mom, play with me!!!!!!!! I'll even give you my smiley face.
(Action shot-Coco is master of the surprise attack)
Karate Chop!
You said I smell rotten? You gotta be kidding me. A skunk gagged the other day after you walked by!
Anyhoo, hope you get some quality play time with your peeps this week. We will have a grand time fighting over our two new toys.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What the Heck??

So we went to visit our Pops the other day at work.

See? He is the best Pops in the world. He even lets us BOTH sit in his chair with him while he is talking to customers at the window (as demonstrated). We are the official greeters, mascots and inspectors of weirdos. One lady complained that animals shouldn't be allowed, and of course it was as if she waved a treat at us because we came running on cue. He just laughed at her.
But then we started seeing signs all over the place with the word Dog in them..
Is this where dogs go to eat corn?? I mean, we are fans. Mom even said our feet smell like a product of corn, Corn Chips.
We looked all over the place and mom finally told us that corn dogs are something humans eat and the name is just coincidental. Hmpf. We should get one if they use dog in the name, right?

Note from Kitty: He he he..Being a big sis has its benefits. I totally freaked Coco out and told her that she will turn into a corn dog if she is a bad pup! He he he.